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Hi Tom, Gary and I want to thank you so much for playing at our Birthday Party last weekend, you and Linda did a fantastic job. Everyone we spoke to said you had a great sound, and said they were impressed with all of the different music you knew. As you knew we had a lot of ages there at our party, and you played something to entertain everyone and get all ages up on the dance floor. A lot of people said they were surprised to listen to a song and think you were just playing recorded music, only for them to look up and see Linda singing and you playing! We couldn’t have been happier. Thank you for making our Birthday Party that much more of a fun time for us!


Tom and Linda - Lynne and I have enjoyed your music at the Continental for several months now, so it was a 'Natural' to have you perform at our wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Our friends, family and dance buddies have not stopped talking about what a wonderful evening of music ypu put out there for us to enjoy. As soon as the honeymoon is over we'll be back for more of your danceability.

Sheila D

Tom & Linda are real gems in he Boston entertainment scene. Linda's talent and energy sparkle from the first note. Tom is not only a great crooner, he plays sax like no one else. Did I say play? Well, he doesn't so much play it--he makes love to it --coaxing from it a sound that is both intimate and exciting.. Catch this duo once and you'll be hooked..


For all who are looking at this site for the first time..You are in for a treat. Tom and Linda are one of New Englands best performers. They can get eveyone up on their feet and dance. Even if you really aren't a dancer. So if you want a great night out, check their schedules. You can run into them anywhere in New England. Thanks for another great night!


Tom, Just want to say that you and Linda are a great pair of entertainers. I Love to come and hear you perform, hate to leave. think that CD you gave me is just about worn out. When you have a new one save one for me!
Your teacher..........

joe the pollok



So the man still wants to marry me after years of my referring to you as "sexy Tom" amazing!

What's scary is when I try to tell people to go see you & Linda play, he now refers to you as "sexy Tom"! But you are the sexiest singer I've ever had the pleasure of singing with, sorry guys but it's true!

Miss you & Linda need to come visit soon!

Paul G

Only one word describes tom pittman-'cool'
i'll see you soon my friend----PAUL G.


Well, I'll be..
What a great web site. I miss hearing you sing & my tapes are so worn that they are ready to give out.Can I buy a CD??? Dick & I celebrated our 10th ann. & it must be because of you. You were great at our wedding. Love to hear from you.


Hey Tom!
I was cleaning my room (surprise! surprise!) and found an old tape of yours. I decided to look you up on the web because I want a CD!! The last time I saw you was at Fish Hill Tavern. Are you going to be back there soon? Hope you are doing well. I'm sure I will see you around town soon. Take Care! ~Colby :)

Paul Stevens 

Saw you guys last night at the opening of Cafe Italia in Marblehead. Do you think anyone had a bad time?? Not.
You were fabulous. Hope to catch you again soon.

Carol Canavan 

Just heard you guys for the first time at the Continental in Saugus. You put on a great show and really get the crowd up dancing. Hope to see you again in the near future.

Pat Shaheen

Hey Tom:

Happy New Year!

Michele, Susie, Jim and I are checking out your website. Real cool man!! We're trying to arrange a time to see you. This is a test to see if you really read this or is this just a cheap way to create a fan club.


Pat, Michele, Susie & Jim

Michael & Eric 

Hey Guys
just wanted to let you know from all of us at the Cafe.
that we all enjoy your performances when you come to see us at the Cafe.
we always have a great time.
and we look forward to the next time that your there.
and i think is it so great that (i) you got you 2 weddings out of the Cafe!
(rachel & Bobby)(glenn & Michelle)
Keep up the great work guys!!
see you soon!!!!

Sammy and Dawn

We are up to our asses in snow and just can't belive we wont be able to see your show tonight. Good thing we have lots of wine!!!!! We would move south but you two are part of what makes the North Shore great!
Keep Rocking,
S and D
See you soon!

Mary and Alex 

Great website. You guys are great and hope to see you play again soon!


You guys are building your own "city" out of R&R.


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